Frequently Asked Questions Bankruptcy | Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyer

Frequently Asked QuestionsQ. How can I afford an attorney if I can’t afford to pay my bills?
A. We understand your financial plight. Foster Law Offices provides a variety of payment plans to meet almost anyone’s needs, including those on fixed incomes.

Q. How long will the process take?
A. A Chapter 7 takes about 6 months. A Chapter 13 takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

Q. Will I lose my house, car, pension and everything I own?
A. NO! Most debtors keep all of their personal possessions through careful exemption planning. Exemptions are built into the bankruptcy laws, they allow you to protect your personal possessions, within reason.

Q. I am already enrolled in a debt consolidation program, what do I do?
A. We suggest scheduling an appointment immediately. Ideally before your next debt consolidation payment. We will advise you of your best options at that point.

Q. I have already been sued, is it too late to file for bankruptcy?
A. No, a bankruptcy filing will cease all collection activities, including lawsuits.

Q. Will I lose my job if I file for bankruptcy?
A. No, there are federal laws that protect an individual from employer retaliation due to a bankruptcy.

Q. I am in foreclosure, can you help?
A. YES! A Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition will stop foreclosure in its tracks and allow you to keep your home and repay the mortgage arrears over time.

Q. Can bankruptcy help with tax problems?
A. YES! There are a variety of tax issues that can be addressed in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13. We can find a solution for real estate tax problems, the IRS and state income tax issues.

Q. Is there a hearing and will I have to go in front of a Judge?
A. Yes there will be a hearing, however, it is not likely that you will see a Judge. You will certainly have to attend the meeting of creditors. We will prepare you for this meeting and you will feel 100% comfortable well before your hearing date. We understand you have never gone through this process and we will do everything possible to make you comfortable in these uncertain times.

Q. I can’t find all of the basic information you want me to bring to the free consultation, should I still come?
A. YES! Just do the best you can on gathering pay stubs, tax returns and bills, we will make due with what you have located. The most important thing is coming into the office to get the facts on your situation and bankruptcy.